2019 Results

Grand Prix*

High School

Jr. High / Middle School

1. Skyridge

2. Snow Canyon
3. Timpview

1. Oak Canyon

2. Carden Memorial
2. Legacy
3. Riverview

Choir Competition:

High School:

1st 2nd 3rd
Skyridge Waterford Brighton

Jr. High / Middle School:

1st 2nd 3rd
Carden Memorial Oak Canyon Farmington


Culture Bowl

High School:

Champion Runner-up Semi-finalist
Timpview Skyridge Bountiful

Jr. High / Middle School:

Champion Runner-up Semi-finalist
Oak Canyon Riverview


Spelling Bees

High School

1st 2nd 3rd
Level 1 Nicolh B. (Timpview) Jasmine P. (Timpview)
Level 2 Tori C. (American Heritage) Lianny B. (Skyridge) Haily B. (Snow Canyon)
Level 3 Holly S. (Snow Canyon) Brian B. (Skyridge) Tyla K. (Skyridge)
Level 4 Lily B. (Skyridge) Karen A. (Cyprus) Naya M. (Skyridge)


Jr. High / Middle School:

1st 2nd 3rd
Level 1 Sarah J. (Carden Memorial)
India E. (Legacy)
Spencer A. (Legacy)
Emma R. (Fairfield)
Level 2 Brielle L. (Oak Canyon) Leesa F. (Legacy) Malachi G. (Legacy)
Dallin F. (Legacy)
Level 3

Individual Competitions


Competition Level Exceptionnel Mention spéciale Excellent
Arts visuels Gia R. (Waterford) Alexander W. (Snow Canyon)
Nick W. (Olympus)
Arisbeth E. (Cyprus)
Kate B. (Skyridge)
Sam F. (Olympus)
 Discours 4 Eleanor N. (Skyridge) Gerson J. (Olympus) Cameron B. (Skyridge)
Elizabeth B. (Cyprus)
Discours 5 Amaya A. (Skyridge)
Interview 3 Isaak C. (Brighton) Emily O. (Snow Canyon) Sicily W. (Brighton)
Sadie A. (Skyridge)
Interview 4 Isabel D. (Skyridge)
Interview 5 Ciel M. (Waterford) Amaya A. (Skyridge)
Ellie W. (Skyridge)
Matthew J. (Olympus)
Josh T. (Cyprus)
Interview Heritage Danielle F. (Timpview) Julia F. (Timpview)
Poésie 1 Alyssa T. (Cyprus) Helina D. (North Sanpete)
Poésie 2 Sydney R. (Skyridge) Katherine C. (American Heritage)
Kate B. (Skyridge)
Emily W. (Skyridge)
Damaris A. (Cyprus)
Bethany R. (Timpview)
Poésie 3 Emily O. (Snow Canyon) Kinley M. (Skyridge)
Lauren T. (Skyridge)
Holly S. (Snow Canyon)
Posters Maddie T. (Olympus) Arleth E. (Cyprus)
Aubrey M. (Skyridge)
Daniel J. (Timpview)
Clara E. (Olympus)
Kensey W. (Skyridge)
Nathan Z. (Brighton)
Erica J. (Snow Canyon)
Jacob B. (Cyprus)
Monologues Courtney W. (Skyridge) Samuel C. (Timpview) Anna M. (Cyprus)
Scenes Rain S. & Amy W. (Waterford) McKenna G. & Shaylee S. (Snow Canyon) Leslie, Sophie, Jessica, & Jake (Skyridge)



Competition Level Exceptionnel Mention spéciale Excellent
Arts visuels Aria T. (Legacy) Madelyn F. (Legacy) Kaitlyn M. (Farmington)
Ellee G. (Fairfield)
Interview 3 Sariah A. (Oak Canyon) Emma B. (Oak Canyon)
Poésie 1 Abby T. (Legacy) Leila H. (Legacy)
Poésie 2 Acile J. (Carden Memorial)
Poésie 3 Jenna S. (Oak Canyon)
Posters Eva S. (Oak Canyon) Kate M. (Oak Canyon)
Eliana A. (Oak Canyon)
Scenes Weston, Hyrum, Amelia, Mckenna, Jocelyn (Carden Memorial)



Listed below are the students with the top scores on each exam. Only students with scores over 40% are listed. The student with the top score on each exam will receive a “Grand Prix” certificate, the others listed will receive a “Prix d’excellence” certificate.

Exam High School Jr. High / Middle School
Culture 1 1. Mariah E. (Cyprus) 1. Claire H. (Legacy)
Culture 2 1. Samantha M. (Cyprus)
2. Damaris A. (Cyprus)
2. Clara E. (Olympus)
3. Sam F. (Olympus)
1. Emma T. (Oak Canyon)
2. Brielle L. (Oak Canyon)
3. Martin G. (Oak Canyon)
Culture 3 1. Lauren B. (Olympus)
2. Oliver J. (Olympus)
3. Eliza T. (Olympus)
Culture 4 1. Elizabeth B. (Cyprus)
2. Danika G. (Cyprus)
3. Karen A. (Cyprus)
Grammar 1 1. Atonauga K. (Olympus)
2. Charlotte S. (Olympus)
1. Trappett T. (Legacy)
2. Coralie H. (Oak Canyon)
2. Isaac P. (Oak Canyon)
Grammar 2 1. Melanie C. (Cyprus)
1. Tori C. (American Heritage)
2. Avril D. (Olympus)
3. McKenzie W. (Skyridge)
1. Dallin F. (Legacy)
1. Allison T. (Legacy)
2. Karen K. (Legacy)
2. Kayla W. (Legacy)
Grammar 3 1. Madison W. (Skyridge)
2. Kyra O. (?)
1. Jenna S. (Oak Canyon)
Grammar 4 1. Tommy B. (Cyprus)
Listening 1
Listening 2 1. Katherine C. (American Heritage)
Listening 3 1. Susana G. (Cyprus)
Listening 4 1. Arleth E. (Cyprus)
2. Josh T. (Cyprus)
Reading 1  1. Anna M. (Cyprus)
1. Madeleine M. (Cyprus)
2. Anyssa T. (Cyprus)
1. Kinlie O. (Legacy)
2. Elena N. (Oak Canyon)
2. Emma S. (Oak Canyon)
3. India E. (Legacy)
3. Riley N. (Oak Canyon)
Reading 2 1. Kate B. (Skyridge)
2. Sydney R. (Skyridge)
1. Laila B. (Legacy)
2. Isabel C. (Oak Canyon)
2. Shea F. (Oak Canyon)
2. Malachi G. (Legacy)
3. Mariah W. (Oak Canyon)
Reading 3 1. Kinley M. (Skyridge)
2. Cameron B. (Skyridge)
3. Caroline M. (Olympus)
1. Emma B. (Oak Canyon)
Reading 4 1. Alena E. (Cyprus)
1. Madison J. (Skyridge)
2. Arisbeth E. (Cyprus)
2. Ireva P. (Olympus)
3. Natalie L. (Cyprus)
Vocabulary 1 1. Miabelle B. (Olympus) 1. Jacob B. (Oak Canyon)
2. Eliana A. (Oak Canyon)
3. Logan T. (Legacy)
Vocabulary 2 1. Grace L. (Olympus)
2. Lucas P. (Cyprus)
3. Josie M. (Olympus)
1. Cassidy C. (Oak Canyon)
2. Alyx W. (Legacy)
Vocabulary 3 1. Brian B. (Skyridge)
2. Grace R. (Olympus)
1. Maleah D. (Oak Canyon)
Vocabulary 4 1. Brooke G. (Cyprus)
2. Natalie B. (Olympus)
3. Maddy T. (Olympus)


* –  The Grand Prix is awarded to the school in each of the two levels that had the highest average score per participant (i.e. the sum of points based on ratings and weighted for group events like the choir competition, divided by the number of participants). To be eligible for the Grand Prix, a school must have had more than 10 French Fair participants competing in at least 4 different competitions.