Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

Learning Outcomes




TBD Levels
1 & 2
Jr. High and Middle School TBD
High School TBD
TBD Levels
3 & 4
All school levels TBD


Each school is limited to the following:

  • Level 1: maximum 3 contestants
  • Level 2: maximum 3 contestants
  • Level 3: maximum 4 contestants
  • Level 4: maximum 5 contestants


  1. Levels 1 and 2 may spell in English.
  2. Levels 3 and 4 must use the French alphabet.
  3. Students will be required to say the word before and after spelling the word.
    1. They are not required to repeat the article.
  4. Necessary accents must be included.

It will work something like this:

Judge: “Chien. Un chien est plus gentil qu’un chat. Chien. ”
Contestant: Chien C-H-I-E-N. Chien.

An example of a word with an accent:
D-I Circonflex-N-E-R.

(A reminder: accent aigu´  ; accent grave`  ;circonflex ^; cedille ç; tréma¨)

Vocabulary Used

Vocabulary used will be high frequency words appropriate to each level, as determined by the text books currently in use in Utah schools.
If all Level 1 words are used during the contest, Level 1 students may be asked to spell words asterisked on Level 2.
The spelling bee words will contain sample sentences so that students cannot mistake the meaning of the word from the pronunciation.

Spelling Lists