Les Examens


Learning Outcomes


B151/B153 JSFB


You may participate in this at any time.


Any student at any level may take these exams.

These exams are for students to take “just for fun” to see where they rank. The exams are very short, multiple choice, and are computer administered.

The culture exam is loosely based on similar questions to those given in the Culture Bowl. Like the other exams it is multiple choice and will have a French version for Senior High students and an English version for Junior High/Middle School students.

Students can only take one exam.

Teachers are not allowed to take the exams, nor enter exam room.

Types of Tests

  1. Honors Test
  2. Grammar Test
  3. Reading Comprehension Test
  4. Vocabularly Test
  5. Cultural Test (Culture Bowl contestants are not permitted to take this test)
  6. Listening Comprehension

These tests are just for students to see where they are. They will receive a score when when they submit their test on the computer. The highest scorer in each level for each exam will be recognized with a certificate.