Arts visuels

Arts Visuels

Learning Outcomes

Students are encouraged to create and submit works of visual art that illustrate the theme chosen for each year’s competition. Competing students will be required to present their work to the judges with a short (one to two minute) spoken presentation in French. The presentation should be prepared ahead of time and does not have to be memorized.

This year’s theme: The many landscapes of La Francophonie.

All art will be displayed and should be labeled with the student’s name, school, and French level (e.g. French 1).


  1. Each school can submit up to two projects in each of the the two categories.
  2. Art objects must be brought the morning of the Language Fair. We cannot store projects before or after the fair.
  3. Content must meet BYU standards. No sexual content or innuendo, immodest clothing, swearing, vulgarity, etc.

Judging Criteria

40% – Illustration of the theme
40% – Artistic quality (creative works) / effective communication of ideas (posters)
20% – Oral presentation




Teachers will register students for a time to formally present their work to the judges. The registration will be made available online prior to the Fair.