There are two types of competitions at the French Fair:

  1. Scheduled Events: the Culture Bowl and the Spelling Bees (schedules are posted below).
  2. Appointment Events: the events for which students are required to sign-up for a time. Click on the appropriate link below to sign up for JHS / MS or HS competitions. All competition sign-ups are included in a single Google spreadsheet. Simply scroll across the tabs at the bottom to find the different competitions. Remember, you can only sign up for the number of spots you registered for in a given competition. There are no extra slots.
    1. Jr. High and Middle School Sign-ups
    2. High School Sign-ups

Other activities (e.g. Examens, Gare, Pâtisserie, etc.) are open throughout the fair. Students can participate in these activities at any time.

Non-Competition sign-ups:

Revue – students can perform their prepared monologues and scenes for their friends.

Music-Hall – choirs and individual students can perform their prepared musical numbers for their friends.

 Scheduled Events

 Culture Bowl

High School
Time Room B040 Room B042 Room B050 Room B060
9:00 Match 1
Cyprus HS
Taylorsville HS
Match 2
Copper Hills HS
Olympus HS
Match 3
Brighton HS
Lone Peak HS
Match 4
Bountiful HS
Herriman HS
9:10 Match 5
Hillcrest HS
Winner of Match 1
Match 6
Orem HS
Winner of Match 2
Match 7
Skyridge HS
Winner of Match 3
Match 8
Timpview HS
Winner of Match 4
9:20 Match 9 (Semifinal)
Winner of Match 5
Winner Match 6
Match 10 (Semifinal)
Winner Match 7
Winner Match 8
9:30 Championship Match
Winner Match 9
Winner Match 10
Junior High / Middle School
Time Room B050 Room B060
9:30 Match 1
Canyon View JHS
Treasure Mountain JHS
Match 2
Ecker Hill JHS
Fairfield  JHS
9:40 Match 3
Carden Memorial
Winner Match 1
Match 4
Oak Canyon JHS
Winner Match 2
9:50  Championship Match
Winner Match 3
Winner Match 4

Spelling Bees

Please sign students up under the correct level.

Junior High School / Middle School
Level Room Time
Level 1 B030 8:45 AM
Level 2 B030 9:15 AM
Level 3 B030 9:15 AM
Immersion B030 9:45 AM


High School
Level Room Time
Level 1 B032 8:45 AM
Level 2 B032 9:30 AM
Level 3 B032 10:00 AM
Level 4 B030 9:45 AM
Immersion B030 9:45 AM


Teachers Meeting

The teachers meeting will be held at 10:30 AM in B003.

Award Ceremonies

There will be a Junior and Senior Awards Ceremony. Both will be held at 11:30 a.m. Students who have won a mention speciale rating will be recognized and the team awards (Culture Bowl and Choir Competition) will be announced.

High School Awards Ceremony B092
Jr. High School / Middle School Awards Ceremony B002